Tools & Techniques

 The Experience Cube:

We often get caught up with ruminating on events that may have been traumatic, caused discomfort, feels unresolved or are difficult to let go. While we ruminate we get caught up with our thoughts, and don't realize our thoughts and emotions are caught up with our account of the events; we find that we move between the events, thoughts on the events and are caught up with our feelings, that we neglect to identify what we want resolved, and what will help us move past the event. The experience cube supports deliberate mindful awareness of the differences between the event, our thoughts on the event and our feelings. It brings to light self needs and wants that we may have not yet identified.  

Decisional Balance Grid 

Making changes, and the decision to take the next steps in making change, can be anxiety provoking, and can cause indecision; having an understanding of what is holding one back, can take away the self-blame, and can provide a different perspective on the reasons change is challenging. The Decisional Balance Grid used in Motivational Interviewing is a great source of help in better understanding the pros and cons of change. 


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